Saturday, Sep 17

Time Location Description
 10:00am Expo Opens
 10:30am Main Stage Task Force on Marijuana Legalization and Regulation Update and Q&A with Task Force Vice Chair, Dr. Mark Ware. Dr. Ware will give a brief presentation on the Task Force’s activities so far, then open the floor to questions from the audience.
11:30am Main Stage Aurora Cannabis: Compassion and Quality. Neil Belot (Aurora Cannabis)
12:00pm Main Stage Comparing legalization models in Canada and the US. Ivan Ross (Aslan Ross Consulting), Amy Margolis (Margolis Legal), Dieter MacPherson (CAMCD), Josh Kappel (Vicente Sederberg LLC, Colorado). Hosted by Seth Adler of Cannabis Economy.
 12:00pm Room 109  Discovering Careers in Cannabis. Hosted by Viridian Staffing. Kara Bradford, MBA, MM (Co-Founder and Chief Talent Officer of Viridian Staffing.  Founded in 2013, Viridian Staffing provides temporary, temp to hire, direct placement & HR outsourcing services in the cannabis sector)
1:30pm Main Stage Recommendations for Marijuana Legalization and Regulation in Canada ~ from the Responsible Marijuana Retail Alliance of BC (BCGEU & BCPLSA).
2:00pm Main stage An Overview of the new Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulations (ACMPR) and What it Means for Patients. Kirk Tousaw (Tousaw Law).
2:00pm  Room 109  How to Talk to Your Doctor. Lift Resource Centre Patient Workshop.
2:30pm Main Stage Pushing the Envelope of Organic Horticulture. Nico Hache (Director of Grow Operations at OrganiGram).
3:00pm Main Stage Sustainable Cannabis Production. Jeanette VanderMarel (Green Organic Dutchman), Chris Mayerson (Aurora and Aloha Green in Hawaii), Brian Taylor  (Former three term mayor of Grand Forks, BC, former Designated Producer under the MMAR), and Kevin Cullum (Koppert Biological Systems). Hosted by David Bernard Perron (Head Agronomist at Whistler Medical Marijuana).
3:00pm Room 109 Industry Mixer. Hosted by Jamie Shaw.
4:20pm  Room 109 Cup Awards. Hosted by 420 Canada.
4:00pm Main Stage The Emerald Triangle: The History, the People, The Legendary Strains. Jonathan Valdman (Forever Flowering Greenhouses), Taylor Blake (The Emerald Cup), Tawnie Logan (Sonoma County Growers Alliance) and Lauren Fraser (RVR River Collective). Hosted by Seth Adler of Cannabis Economy.
5:00pm Main Stage Lift Presents the Arcview ‘Sneak Peek’. Three startups pitch to a panel of esteemed judges. Hosted by Arcview.
6:00pm  Room 109 Arcview Post-Pitch Investor Event. Hosted by Arcview.
 7:00pm  Expo Closes


Sunday, Sep 18

Time Location Description
 10:00am Expo Opens
 10:15am Main Stage The CMCC and Patient Advocacy Under the MMPR/ACMPR. Cody Lindsay (Wellness Soldier) and Alex Repetski (Canadian Epilepsy Alliance), Hosted by Philippe Lucas (CMCC, Tilray).
 11:00am Room 109 How to Choose a Strain. Lift Resource Centre Patient Workshop.
 11:00am Main Stage Public Health Perspectives on Cannabis Legalization and Implications for Medical Cannabis. Brian Emerson, MD, MHSC (Chair of the Psychoactive Substances Committee, Health Officers Council of British Columbia, and Medical Consultant with the Population and Public Health Division, BC Ministry of Health, Victoria, BC).
12:00pm Main Stage Parents Panel – Kids and Cannabis. Mandy McKnight, Kunval Hanif, Alexander Repetski. Moderated by Hilary Black.
1:30pm Main Stage The Quebec Cannabis Registry. Dr. Claude Cyr.
2:00pm Main Stage  The Indica/Sativa Debate. Tom Ulanowski (Quality Assurance Person and Manager, Canna Farms).
2:30pm Main Stage Speaking to Your Physician About Medical Cannabis. Dr. Kishan Mahabir (Chief Medical Officer, Lift Resource Centre).
3:00pm Main Stage Potency Analysis – The Elephant in the Room. Emily Kirkham, VP Laboratory Operations, Signoto
3:30pm Main Stage Cannabis and Cancer – Hope, Hype and Reality. Dr. Marcia Gillman, Brent A. Reynolds, Ph.D and Katya Mycyk. Hosted By Hilary Black.
 6:00pm  Expo Closes